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Older Architectures Still Predominate in Ecommerce Platform Market

New Real Story Group Vendor Evaluation Research Finds Some Modern Alternatives Emerging

Boston MA - In an era when enterprises seek more composable tech stacks, traditional ecommerce platform vendors still offer mostly monolithic architectures, with limited PaaS hosting options, higher technical debt, and difficulties unbundling services, according to vendor evaluation research released today by independent analyst firm, Real Story Group (RSG)

RSG’s new ecommerce research stream evaluates seven vendors against nine core business use cases.

Historically dominated at the high-end by enterprise vendors IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP, recent years have seen mid-market focused vendors moving upmarket, including Adobe’s Magento, BigCommerce, commercetools, and Shopify. As the latter group signs larger deals, major suite vendors are responding by rolling out mid-market solutions.

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However, RSG’s research finds the large suites lagging in terms of headless commerce and other decoupled capabilities. Architecturally built as monolithic platforms and depending heavily on plug-ins, they are transitioning only slowly to an API-oriented, cloud-powered, microservices-heavier world.

"On the plus side, big ecommerce suites provide a wide range of mature capabilities natively," notes RSG vice president of research and advisory Apoorv Durga, "so today they remain functionally richer than cloud-based upstarts, and prospective licensees therefore need to balance different considerations."  For example, a modern, multitenant, SaaS solution may not readily support multi-store use cases.

The new evaluation stream is available via subscription at Real Story Group.

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