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Real Story Group Releases New Dynamic Marketplace Quadrant Generator

RealQuadrantâ„¢ Enables Enterprise Digital Technology Buyers to Create Highly Customized Short Lists

Boston, MA 13 September, 2016 -- A new online tool from independent analyst firm Real Story Group called RealQuadrant has upended traditional marketplace visualizations with a dynamic scoring system based on product and vendor “fit,” customized for unique customer requirements. Enterprise technology customers can try RealQuadrant for free here.


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Beyond Static Marketplace Charts

Major analyst firms have traditionally published static marketplace charts for fee-based syndication by vendor clients. Such charts have manifold shortcomings:

  1. They typically cover only a handful of large, global vendors
  2. They present a static, one-size-fits-all snapshot, with no customer-specific relevance
  3. They tend to underweight functional use cases and broader ecosystems, while overweighting vendor self-positioning

RealQuadrant addresses these shortcomings by covering more vendors, focusing on each customer’s “fit” (rather than generic attributes), and enabling technology buyers to visualize different marketplace segments dynamically while weighting their own requirements.

How RealQuadrant Works


Enterprise digital workplace and marketing technology buyers customize their own quadrants by choosing a marketplace, and then identifying and weighting actual usage scenarios for the technology. Finally, customers weight ten key “strategic considerations” (such as support, technical modernity, and cost) to generate a custom vendor grid that better reflects their own reality.



Fig: How RealQuadrant works.

Real Story Group enterprise subscribers can output charts and source data, as well as access detailed, hard-hitting vendor evaluations to back up their findings.

Analyst Quote

Technology buyers love quadrants, but one-size-fits-all visualizations no longer work for large, complex marketplaces,” says RSG Managing Director, Jarrod Gingras. “RealQuadrant offers a tool to help you make decisions entirely on just what matters to you.


Real Story Group is a uniquely “buy side” analyst firm, working solely for solutions buyers and never for vendors.

RSG provides research and advisory services to help customers select and optimize Marketing Technologies. RSG evaluates Web Content & Experience Management, Digital Asset Management, Customer Data Platforms, Omnichannel Content Platforms, Journey Orchestration Engines, Marketing Automation & Campaign Management Technologies, and Personalization Platforms.