2016 Enterprise Portals Market Analysis

The enterprise portal marketplace is small and gradually shrinking, with fewer general purpose portal offerings than there were five years ago. However, for a number of scenarios, especially those that are complex and require heavy integration, portal tools can be a suitable fit.

In fact, portal tools may be more suitable than other tools if you require:

  • Application-driven experiences as opposed to content-driven websites
  • Heavy aggregation and integration with external or internal applications
  • A dashboard-based user experience

In our Enterprise Portals marketplace briefing, 2016 Enterprise Portals Market Analysis, we provide an overview of the key players as well as a comparative analysis of the relative risks and opportunities associated with each vendor via RSG's "Reality Check" chart. Additionally, we also offer a snapshot of other trends in the current marketplace. In particular, we explore the following trends:

  • A Small and Continually Shrinking Marketplace
  • Recurring Question: Do I Need a Portal or…?
  • Portal Tools as Digital Experience Platforms
  • Portal Tools Are an Important Component of the Digital Workplace

Enterprise Portals stream subscribers can download the full briefing here.

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