2019 Omnichannel Stack Vendor Map

Earlier this month, we released the latest version of RSG's famous vendor map, but this year with a bit of a new twist...

H1 2019 RSG Subway Map
H1 2019 RSG Subway Map (click to enlarge)

Let's take a look at some key themes.

Omnichannel Focus

Many themes lurk in this 2019 edition, but first I'll answer what an RSG subscriber asked me when she first saw it: "What's the big picture?"

You need multiple tools for truly omnichannel customer experience. You simply cannot purchase a single product -- or even a single suite -- that will give you everything you need for omnichannel CX.

Check out this 30-minute recorded briefing on what a true omnichannel stack could look like.

Still Fragmented Marketplaces

In all these marketplace except perhaps WCM and CRM, no vendor can claim more than 10% marketshare overall. You have a lot of choices -- many of them good choices -- but you want the best-fitting choice, and RSG's evaluation research will help you sort that out.

Changes Afoot

Since we produced the map, IBM has sold off its MarTech portfolio, so you'll see some updates on that as soon as the Centerbridge deal is finalized.  We're also seeing a bit more movement from Microsoft, but not yet more stations. 


With this map we add Journey Orchestration Engine technology to the list of key technologies RSG evaluates.  As you get a handle on your customer data and try to create truly coherent, omnichannel experiences, how do you orchestrate all that activity internally?  JOE platform technology purports to support you, though this is still in some ways an emergent marketplace.  RSG evaluates 13 JOE vendors.

There's more to say here, including some new lines we'll be discussing later this year.  In the meantime, enjoy!  And if you have any questions or feedback, use the icons below to ask on social media.

Get a high-rez, printable version of the map.


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