Announcing Journey Orchestration Engine Vendor Evaluations

I've argued elsewhere that supporting coherent customer experiences requires moving key services lower in your omnichannel tech stack.  One of those key services is decisioning: what customers should be able to see, experience, and do — across all your key touch points. Fortunately, there are tools for that: Journey Orchestration Engines. This week RSG released critical evaluations of the major players in this marketplace.

Like many customer experience (CX) technologies, this segment has deep roots in decisioning systems that go back to the 1990s, but in the omnichannel digital era, needs have expanded rapidly. So it's more apt to think of JOE technology as a mostly emergent marketplace.

RSG's JOE Vendor Logo Landscape

Also like other CX marketplaces, you'll find different tiers of vendors: major MarTech players, some longtime process-centric suites, and a growing collection of interesting start-ups.  Across the thirteen vendors you'll find diverse strengths and weaknesses.  As usual, RSG evaluates them according to how well they address key business scenarios.  We'll have more to say about that here in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if your organization already subscribes to an RSG research stream, please inquire about how to add the JOE vendor evaluations to your package.

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