ECM & Cloud File Sharing Market - What to Expect in 2016

In our new Enterprise Content Management marketplace briefing, "2016 ECM & Cloud File Sharing Market Analysis," we provide a comparative analysis of the relative risks and opportunities associated with each ECM vendor via RSG's "Reality Check" chart. ECM has traditionally been a slow-evolving marketplace, but we've seen considerable changes in the past year.

Our briefing explores those changes and offers a snapshot of other trends:

  • Flux in the ECM Marketplace
  • Latent Potential for an Expanding Footprint
  • SharePoint Is Ubiquitous, but Not Omnipotent
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All
  • Increasing Cloud-Based Deployments, Especially Mix-and-Match
  • Mobile As a Key Driver for Adoption
  • Cloud-Based File Share & Sync Services Are Evolving

ECM Reality Check 2016
Click to enlarge.

Notice what's interesting about this Reality Check diagram?  It's very top-heavy. There's a surprising amount of technology change going on...

ECM stream subscribers can download the full briefing here.


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