Journey Orchestration Vendor Evaluation Updates - NICE and Genesys

This week RSG updated our vendor evaluation stream for Journey Orchestration Engine (JOE) technology.  Specifically, subscribers will find:

  1. Two new JOE vendors: Nice and Genesys
  2. Updates to Pega and Infor
  3. More detailed categorization of the market

NICE and Genesys both come out of the contact center space, and offer yet another reminder that most JOE platforms have a certain bias torwards a particular type of journey, based on where they're from.  Every vendor will say they're "omnichannel," but they will often assume that you want to center a customer journey on a website, an email message, or an inbound support call and then try to extend across channels from there.  Same for Infor and Pega, which come out of the enterprise software space.

This is multichannel, not omnichannel.  But that's where much of the market resides today.

New Categorization

We've updated our JOE vendor categorization accordingly.

RSG JOE vendor logo landscape 2019
JOE vendor categorization (click to enlarge). Source: Real Story Group

What To Do Next

If your firm is an RSG subscriber to this stream, you can download the updates any time.

Alternatively, you can always peruse a free vendor evaluation.

Then get details on subscribing to all the JOE vendor evaluations for a year.

Finally, consider registering for RSG's 4 December webinar: Shaping Customer Journeys: Is JOE Technology Right for You?


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