Is MarkLogic an Enterprise Search Service?

MarkLogic is a fairly unique platform that can provide impressive infrastructural services for XML storage and processing. It's also very good at searching its own repository.

So why don't we review MarkLogic in our Search & Information Access research? It's a fair question to pose, and some of our subscribers do ask, often after talking to MarkLogic salespeople.

To answer it, my colleague Theresa Regli and I wrote an advisory paper "Is MarkLogic an Option for Enterprise Search?" It describes what enterprise search is; what MarkLogic is; and why MarkLogic isn't enterprise search.

Subscribers can download the paper here.

Our customers say...

"I've seen a lot of basic vendor comparison guides, but none of them come close to the technical depth, real-life experience, and hard-hitting critiques that I found in the Search & Information Access Research. When I need the real scoop about vendors, I always turn to the Real Story Group."

Alexander T. Deligtisch, Co-founder & Vice President, Spliteye Multimedia
Spliteye Multimedia

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