Oracle Addresses Analytics with Moat Acquisition

Oracle has announced its acquisition of Moat, an AdTech company that provides cloud-based digital measurement and analytics. For now, Moat will remain an independent platform and will be part of Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle’s Data as a Service offering for analytics.

What does Moat do?

Moat primarily addresses measurement related to viewability of digital ads. If you are a marketeer or a publisher, this technology can help you get information about the ads that you publish on different sites, via different ad-serving networks. You can discern if your ad was viewed by humans or non humans, the context in which it was viewed (e.g., what was the YouTube content that included your ad — very useful when context is important), the duration of viewing, and so forth.

Moat and Oracle Data Cloud

Moat will become part of Oracle Data Cloud, the vendor’s analytics suite. Oracle has acquired multiple other pieces here, including AddThis, Bluekai, Datalogix, and Crosswire. Oracle say they can address questions related to what consumers do and what they buy using these products. With Moat, they could also address questions related to what consumers see.


Fig: Oracle + Moat.  Source: Oracle

Analytics has become a major focus area for major Marketing Cloud vendors, though among them they tend to cover different areas. Salesforce has Analytics Cloud and Adobe has Omniture. Moat brings some unique capabilities to Oracle, at least until Salesforce makes its move. You can read more about these Marketing Clouds in this recent post by my colleague, Kashyap.

Suffice it to say that with Oracle, like its competitors, these toolsets remain standalone offerings rather than an integrated whole.  So a savvy customer will still cherry-pick the right solutions rather than going with a single vendor.


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