Is There an Omnichannel Content Platform in Your Future?

I'm pleased to announce that early next month, RSG will be releasing it's latest set of marketplace evaluations, for "Omnichannel Content Platforms," and will be hosting a webinar on it November 12th. This new research stream represents a bit of a departure for us, inasmuch as it's not a particularly mature or well-defined marketplace — in fact, we conceived of the label and inevitable three-letter-acronym (OCP) ourselves!

And yet, something important is happening here. MarTech / CX stack leaders increasingly see the need to re-use and track diverse content across engagement silos, yet incumbent WCM, DAM, and Content Marketing platforms typically come up short for a whole slew of reasons.  2019 RSG Subway Map
RSG's 2019 Subway Map (click to enlarge)

Instead what's emerging is vendors feeling their way to providing a more foundational component content store for omnichannel re-use.  You can find those players on the red line, above and below.  It's a nascent — indeed relatively immature — marketplace, but you may find yourself exploring it sooner rather than later. When you get there, RSG can help you make the right supplier decisions.


Omnichannel Content Line

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Join me to explore this new marketplace and learn if and when you should consider an OCP for your stack road map. Register now for the 12 November webinar: Is There an Omnichannel Content Platform in Your Future?


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