Twelve Lessons from Enterprise Stack Owners

In a recent LinkedIn post, I summarized some key lessons learned after RSG gathered together 20+ large-enterprise stack owners for the inaugural meeting of our Omnichannel Executive Council

Here's the twelve:

  1. Work-in-Progress Management Is a Work in Progress Itself...
  2. Amid Organization Model Experimentation, Capability Emerges as Central Concept
  3. Business Alignment Means Rethinking Some Terms
  4. Constant Implementation and Integration
  5. Specific Tech Skills Less Important Than Curiosity and Flexibility for Marketing Ops
  6. Communication Is Foundational to Omnichannel
  7. CDP Questions and Hesitancy Persist
  8. Ecommerce Is Ubiquitous
  9. Advertising Personalization Has Proven More Effective Than Engagement Personalization
  10. Questions Emerging About Future Scope of DAM
  11. Analytics Is Not Truth
  12. Integration to the Fore (with special coda about Adobe and Salesforce)

For the full run-down, read the longer post...


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