Updates to Marketing Automation and Campaign Management Evaluations

RSG has updated several vendor evaluations in our Marketing Automation and Campaign Management research stream.  Here's a quick tour.

 2019 RSG MarTech Logo Landscape

  • Adobe Campaign: Old standby getting a piecemeal facelift
  • Adobe Marketo: What to expect under new owners?
  • Act-On: Still huffing and puffing...
  • Oracle Eloqua: Aging royalty getting something of a new lease
  • Hubspot Marketing Hub: One spoke in a growing wheel
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation: Somewhat less silver in the pop

If your enterprise subscribes to this stream (unsure? just ask...), you can download the updates right away or contrast vendors head-to-head using RSG's RealTime comparison platform.


Our customers say...

"Finally, a review of MarTech suites that takes a critical look at these tools. I found it essential to understanding the promise of these solutions -- as well as some important tool and vendor weaknesses."

Alexander Deligtisch, Founder, Spliteye Multimedia

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