Recent Real Story Group Blog Entries

Putting businesspeople back into the publishing process

The goal of most CM products is to allow non-technical staff to manage the production of Web content. But with some exceptions, the transformation of content at runtime for publishing to different users and formats still remains the domain of programmers, DBAs, and XSL gurus.

FileNET takes a different fork in the road

Most major Document Management vendors still standing have reinvented themselves as Web CM plays. FileNET has taken a different track, focusing on Enterprise CM.

Yankee CM Vendor Go Home?

Several well-backed European Web CM vendors are testing the huge U.S. marketplace. One Holland-based vendor that has decided stay at home is Tridion, makers of DialogServer. Tridion's focus on multinational CM projects exposes a traditional weakness of U.S.

Green Light for PurpleYogi?

KM toolmaker PurpleYogi announces new version releases. With tremendous knowledge locked up in unstructured corporate file repositories, automated tools for organizing and classifying that content are very hot right now.

Microsoft Joins the CM Dance

After at least two years of standing on the sidelines, Microsoft joins the CM market, with its launch of "Content Management Server" -- only 3 months following its acquisition Ncompass Resolution.