[On-demand Briefing] Marketing Technology Marketplace Trends

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The marketing world has perhaps never seen so much change. The core concept of the marketing funnel is disappearing and has been replaced by the "customer journey." Circa 2017, marketing will continue to be more reliant on complex technology — so much so that no marketing strategy will be successfully implemented without the right tools.

After years of hype, MarTech tools are starting to deliver on some of the promise, but many marketers are still grappling with basic issues and many challenges. There’s a broad diversity of marketing use cases, and enterprises must choose between end-to-end platforms (as proclaimed by vendors), and product/specialist solutions to fulfill marketing requirements.

Join this fast-paced webinar to:

  • Learn what key trends are shaping the marketplace
  • Understand how these trends may affect your technology choices
  • Get an overview of key players in the marketplace