Subscriber-Only Webinar: Get a Private Tour of Our Updated Vendor Comparison Tool

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Real Story Group has recently updated its Realtime Shortlist Generator & Vendor Comparison Tool.

  • Realtime Shortlist Generator: Let this tool generate a comparison report of software vendors that best fit your needs. This shortlist of recommended vendors is not based on "magic," but on your answers to a series of short, technical questions.
  • Realtime Vendor Comparison Tool: Choose two or more vendors to see how they compare head-to-head. For example, you can see how your incumbent vendor stacks up against its competitors.

With the latest version of these tools, you can more quickly:

  • Compare vendors and get a custom shortlist and report
  • Compare products' strengths and weaknesses with one click
  • Output your findings to Excel and PPT-ready images
  • Save and share your results
  • And more... 

In this recorded webinar Real Story Group Founder Tony Byrne gives a Private Demonstration of Our Updated Vendor Comparison Tool.