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Marketing Technology Leaders Can Now Benchmark Effectiveness

New Tool from Real Story Group Delivers Comparative Assessment

Boston MA - After a period of heavy marketing technology investment, MarTech leaders seeking to assess the effectiveness of their efforts can now measure themselves against peers via a new online benchmarking service released today by independent MarTech analyst firm, Real Story Group (RSG).

The service is free to anyone at RSG paid subscribers receive special benefits, including access to PowerPoint read-outs, save-and-share capabilities to engage their teams over time, and advisory sessions to help close key gaps.

MarTech Benchmark Results - Real Story Group
Fig 1. RealScore MarTech Benchmark results header

Built atop RSG's "RealScore" platform, the 15-minute survey provides a structured environment for enterprise leaders to quickly self-assess within five key categories:

  • Operations
  • Data
  • Content
  • Decisioning
  • Technology

The platform then delivers a numeric "effectiveness score" within and across dimensions, as well as comparisons against the industry at large.  RSG subscribers can further benchmark against industry-sector peers. 

The questions and scales were informed by RSG's longstanding work advising large enterprise MarTech leaders, as well as sense-checked and improved in early testing by our MarTech Stack Leadership Council.

"MarTech leaders consistently tell RSG that they feel 'behind,' but without specific measures it can be hard to confirm whether, where, and how," notes RSG managing director, Jarrod Gingras, adding, "This new tool gives MarTech leaders the analysis to understand their current strengths and weaknesses in order to shape future investments."

More sample scores from RealScore benchmarking
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Real Story Group is a uniquely “buy side” analyst firm, working solely for MarTech platform buyers and never for vendors.

RSG provides research and advisory services to help customers optimize their MarTech stacks. RSG evaluates Web Content & Experience Management, Digital Asset Management, Customer Data Platforms, AI for Marketing, Omnichannel Content Platforms, Journey Orchestration Engines, Email and Marketing Automation, Marketing Attribution, Ecommerce, and Personalization Platforms.