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Research Finds No Magic Bullet to Solve Consumer Data Deprecation Challenge

New analyst report maps emerging solutions to privacy-related challenges facing enterprise marketers

Boston, MA - Informed agility and a portfolio approach will best address the shifting landscape of consumer data, according to research released today by independent analyst firm, Real Story Group (RSG).

As privacy-centric changes continue to roll out — from myriad regulations to new Apple features and evolving Google timelines — multiple solution categories have emerged to address this new world, including universal shared IDs, targeting by cohort or context, and renewed investments in first party data, among others.

RSG's new advisory paper, "New World for Consumer Data," provides a systematic overview of seven specific challenges facing enterprise marketers, and then maps where, how, and to what extent twelve emerging solutions address those challenges.

RSG- New World for Consumer Data Framework Chart
New World for Consumer Data - Reference Framework Overview. Click to enlarge. Source: RSG

Structured as a Change-and-Adaptation Reference Framework, the research helps marketing leaders navigate the shifting data privacy landscape. The report concludes that, depending on customer acquisition and engagement strategies, enterprises will need to take a multifaceted, "portfolio" approach to adapting to this new world.

"MarTech leaders should take advantage of the extra 18-months afforded by Google’s delay to come to grips with the broader forces driving changes, to baseline their incumbent environments, and then explore and test a range of options for optimal fit," says RSG analyst Sarah Brown.

The complete New World for Data advisory paper is available to RSG Customer Data Platform (CDP) and MarTech Stack research subscribers.


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