2017 ECM Marketplace Analysis

We have just released RSG's 2017 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Cloud File-Sharing Market Analysis.  The full briefing is available to ECM stream research subscribers.

In this advisory, we provide a comparative analysis of the relative risks and opportunities associated with each ECM vendor via RSG's "Reality Check" chart. The ECM marketplace continues to evolve due to significant mergers & acquisition activity as well as shifting product focus.

The briefing explores those changes and offers a snapshot of other trends:

  • Flux in the ECM Marketplace Continues
  • Sync-and-Share Is Becoming a Feature Rather than a Standalone Service
  • Hybrid Cloud Capabilities Getting Better
  • (Re-) Emergence of Content-Driven Business Applications
  • Cloud-Based Deployments Are Increasing, but Most Customers Mix-and-Match Multiple Deployment Patterns

Reality Check for ECM 2017
RSG 2017 Reality Check for ECM

Note the position of two OpenText products on this chart. Given that X-axis is vendor evolution, you might wonder why they don’t share the same coordinates? Well this just means that OpenText is likely to treat them very differently in terms of new R&D, roadmap and so on...

If you're not sure if your employer already subscribes to RSG's research, you can always just contact our customer care team and they'll let you know.


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