New Adds to CDP Vendor Evaluations

The Customer Data Platform marketplace is evolving rapidly, with some new players entering and a bevy of other vendors — large and small — rebranding existing platforms as CDPs. Real Story Group takes a wide view of the market, and so we review nearly two-dozen players. This week we added four more.

2019 CDP Vendor Logo Landscape

Four New Vendors

For the true inside scoop, including specific strengths and weaknesses, you'll need to consult the full chapters in RSG's CDP research stream. But here's a quick take on the four new entrants:

  • Ascent360 - comparatively simpler solution with reporting/analytics orientation
  • Lexer - somewhat quirky Australian player with a particular bent towards social integration
  • NGDATA - larger vendor with an emphasis on vertical-specific data models and metrics
  • Quaero - longstanding player with somewhat rich (if complex) data management services at a higher price point

Bonus: Datorama

We also updated our Salesforce Datorama evaluation as well.  You could argue it's not a CDP since it doesn't store unified customer records, but we do cast a wide net and Datorama offers some interesting customer analytics services.  Also, if you ask a Salesforce salesperson for a CDP, they'll point you here....

If you're looking to learn more, I'll point you to a free sample CDP vendor evaluation (IBM).

Best wishes!


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