New evaluation of taxonomy management tools

Taxonomy management tools are starting to gain traction in the business world, and as a result the vendor marketplace is evolving rapidly.

As corporate requirements for search and content management have intensified, so has the demand for tools that help organizations create, administer, and publish semantic structures.

You the customer can choose from among several fully-featured taxonomy management tools, yet each vendor has tackled the problem of managing vocabularies from a different angle. So how do you figure out which one is right for your context?

I've just authored an advisory paper that evaluates a collection of leading enterprise-level taxonomy management tools head to head:
·    Sempahore Ontology Manager (Smartlogic)
·    Synaptica
·    Data Harmony Thesaurus Master
·    TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopQuadrant)
·    Intelligent Topic Manager (Mondeca)

Learn about each tool's key strengths and weaknesses, add-on modules available, and SharePoint integration capabilities. Find out which vendors excel in multilingual vocabularies, ontologies, governance, and cross-mapping.

Subscribers to the RSG Enterprise Search stream have automatic access to the evaluations.  Others can purchase it online here.

Our customers say...

"I've seen a lot of basic vendor comparison guides, but none of them come close to the technical depth, real-life experience, and hard-hitting critiques that I found in the Search & Information Access Research. When I need the real scoop about vendors, I always turn to the Real Story Group."

Alexander T. Deligtisch, Co-founder & Vice President, Spliteye Multimedia
Spliteye Multimedia

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