What to make of the next big release of TeamSite?

The much-awaited version 7 of Autonomy/Interwoven TeamSite finally seems to have been released by Autonomy. While we will cover the details shortly for our Web Content Management subscribers, the key changes come in a new Unified Administration Console for TeamSite and OpenDeploy, enhanced UI features including the ability to do in-context editing in a wiki-like fashion, and various other improvements. Autonomy has also deprecated Crystal Reports (a bummer, since some customers spent real money there) as well as iLog JRules. There's a substantial new emphasis on employing Autonomy IDOL throughout, including as a persistence tier for LiveSite. So if you are upgrading, these changes will impact you.

I say "seems to have been released" because Autonomy has been strangely quiet about it. Typically, when vendors release a new product or a major upgrade, there's a lot of noise: press releases, demos, conferences and so on. Nothing of this sort happened when Autonomy released upgrades to version 7.0 of TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy.  This is not typical of Autonomy Marketing and so the question emerges....have they actually released it? The new version is available, but many customers as well as partners aren't even aware of it.

So whether you are a prospective customer planning to evaluate new products or an existing customer planning an upgrade, we would recommend that instead of moving to a dot zero release you hold on for a while or at least till the next point release of version 7 is announced. We'll have more to share in the coming months with our research subscribers.

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