Advisory: 2013 Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration Market Analysis

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"Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration" (CFS) refers to a set of technologies that provides services for file sharing, sync, and lightweight collaboration using a cloud-centric deployment model. Popularized by the rise of consumer services such as Dropbox, this remains a somewhat immature marketplace.

Key business benefits of CFS technology:

  • It addresses the problem of bloated file servers/email servers and associated document silos
  • It enables employees to have document access via purpose-built, mobile/tablet interfaces
  • It allows your teams to collaborate more closely on projects and doc
  • It satisfies a growing requirement to share documents securely outside of the firewall

As a result, CFS platforms are making inroads into the enterprise. This briefing offers a snapshot of trends in the current marketplace, as well as a comparative analysis of the relative risks associated with each CFS vendor via The Real Story Group "Reality Check" Chart.