Advisory: 2013 Portals and Content Integration Marketplace Analysis

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Despite many predictions for the demise of enterprise portal technology, this class of technology has not gone away; in fact, portal and portal-like capabilities remain relevant for many specific business scenarios. Key portal capabilities include the ability to:

•    Aggregate content and applications 
•    Integrate across applications 
•    Provide a unified user interface to multiple — often disparate — applications 
•    Support a unified web application development platform 
•    Personalize content and services 
•    Deploy a framework for publishing dynamic pages 
•    Provide user and identity management services
As a result, portal platforms can play an important role within broader enterprise architectures.

This briefing offers a snapshot of trends in the current marketplace, as well as a comparative analysis of the relative risks associated with each portal and content integration vendor via The Real Story Group “Reality Check” chart.