Recent Real Story Group Blog Entries

The CM World According to Interwoven

Leading CM vendor Interwoven has been loudly touting the sales success of Web Content Management, A Collaborative Approach by Interwoven founding engineer, Russell Nakano.

You Say Portlet, I Say Gadget

As content production and pubishing product offerings continue to separate in the marketplace, Enterprise Portal and CM vendors are beginning to collaborate more closely.

Lotus Content Management Potpurri

CMSWatch has noted IBM's strategy of pushing its enterprise CM products while partnering with other Web CM vendors to push DB2 and WebSpehere licenses.

Content Management Remains Warm

Amid declining software sales in nearly every sector, Content Management revenues continue to grow, although, as IDC recently reported, likely at a diminished rate for the next several quarters.

LMS Weds CMS in Private Ceremony

Various Content Management players have been slowly creeping in on the Learning Management System (LMS) space, while major LMS vendors such as Docent and Saba have been broadening their footprint to include traditional CM features in their core offerings.

Yes, you <i>can</i> get your money back

One CM vendor, eGrail, has quietly begun offering a 90-day guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Desktop Authoring Systems Move up the CM Value Chain

Longtime XML software vendor Arbortext announces version version 4.2 of its "Epic" authoring system, and Macromedia has come out with groupware specifically for new-media publishing, called SiteSpring.